Retirement and Investing

When it comes to retirement options and investment planning, we have the resources and knowledge to help your business’ money work harder for both your employees and your company’s bottom line. Learn more about our business retirement plans.

Choose the tax-deferred benefits of a Traditional IRA or the tax-free withdrawals of a Roth IRA. Take advantage of the wide range of investment options available with an SEP (Simplified Employee Pension Plan), or get on board with FFL Investment Services for experienced help with investment planning, retirement plans, insurance products and much more.
Simplified Employee Pension Plan
Our Simplified Employee Pension Plan (SEP) allows employees to save for retirement with an easy-to-follow plan that the employer sets up and contributes to on their behalf.

It follows many of the same rules as a traditional IRA, but with the benefit of the employer making the contributions for employees. Plus, employees may be eligible to have their employer contribute up to 25% of their salary to the plan. Consult a tax advisor.
Help employees get ready for the golden years of retirement with a tax-deferred Traditional IRA today. Our Traditional IRAs offer a wide range of investment options, including traditional Savings Accounts and CDs. Tax-deferred earnings mean your employees don’t pay taxes until it’s time to withdraw their funds – so their nest egg can grow more quickly.
With our Roth IRAs, your employee’s retirement savings grow with money that’s already been taxed. So when it’s time for retirement, their funds are completely theirs.

Roth IRAs offer a range of investment options, including traditional savings accounts and CDs. Your employees can start saving today and enjoy all of their cash at retirement.
FFL Investment Services
Let our financial professionals at First Federal Lakewood Investment Services help you plan every step of your financial future and guide you to the right investment opportunities. No matter what your financial goals may be, our team can help you reach them.

Our advisers start with an assessment of your goals and what it will take to meet them. They can guide you through your options for risk management and investment planning, and help put together a plan that takes advantage of a broad range of solid investment products and services.

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