Investing a Little Sweat Equity with Habitat For Humanity

A run-down house on Cleveland’s West 52nd Street has gone through an incredible transformation thanks in part to some hands-on volunteers.  

Twenty-two bank employees pulled together to help Habitat For Humanity tackle the earliest (and possibly dirtiest!) stages of the renovation, hauling enough debris out of the house, garage and yard to fill three huge dumpsters. Old carpet, wall coverings and tile floors were torn out, readying the house for construction updates from top to bottom.

Our volunteers contributed the equivalent of 56 full working days to the project, an effort our employee Larry Dawson described as “both rewarding and inspiring.” “We had the opportunity to work side by side with fellow employees from different departments throughout the bank to make a difference in the community. While banking is a service business, this project gave us the unique opportunity to take ownership of the term ‘service.’ We were helping to create a home for someone. We are all proud to work for a company that takes an active role in being a member of the community.”

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