Bank Employees Walk over 71,000 Miles for Wellness and Camaraderie.

In 2016, we once again laced up our walking shoes to promote wellness and physical fitness with our “Million Step Challenge.” The goal? Each participant aims to walk a total of 1 million steps in 12 weeks. That’s an average of nearly 12,000 steps — or almost six miles — every day! It isn’t easy, but the awareness raised makes all the effort worth it.

“The health of our people directly contributes to the health and well-being of both our business and our community,” said President & CEO Tom Fraser. “So we hope to inspire our neighbors to add steps to their days as well.”

To help our walkers track their progress, the bank provided participants with a pedometer and weekly tracking sheets. And for added inspiration, each employee who reached 1 million steps earned an extra vacation day.

So, how did they do? In a word, incredibly! Our team logged a total of 143,039,976 steps by the challenge’s deadline. We guess that’s what you’d call real “fiscal” fitness!


The number of steps our employees logged adds up to over 71,000 miles — or nearly three times around the Earth!

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