Welcoming Refugees into our Country and Our Bank.

Individuals and families forced to leave their own countries in fear of persecution for their ethnicity, nationality, religious affiliation or political beliefs face enormous challenges when resettling in the U.S. One hurdle that often goes overlooked is learning how to bank in a new country.

That’s why, with the help of Cleveland Catholic Charities Migration & Refugee Resources, our employees volunteer their time to teach classes on the basics of our banking system to newly resettled immigrants.

The classes cover all the most helpful banking services — such as checking and savings accounts, withdrawals and deposits — and participants are brought right into the bank for hands-on lessons in writing checks, using an ATM and other essential skills. Before the day is over, we help anyone who’s interested open their very first account in their new country!


Cleveland Catholic Charities Migration & Refugee Resources expects to help resettle over 450 refugees this year.

Young woman counting banknotes after withdrawing cash from an ATM

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