Auto Pay

It has always been our goal to make your mortgage loan process simple, seamless and convenient from origination to closing, and beyond. That's why we offer the AutoPay Program. It's free and easy to use - simply select the date you want your automatic mortgage payment pulled each month and we do the rest.
  1. Complete and sign the AutoPay Application
  2. Include the information for the checking or savings you wish to use for payment
    • Checking: include a voided check. Starter checks or deposit slips cannot be used
    • Savings: include your most recent bank statement or letter from your bank with the required information
  3. Send in the Application and the check or statement to our Loan Service Department vis email or US mail
    • Email:
    • Mail: First Federal Lakewood, Loan Service Department, 14806 Detroit Ave, Lakewood, OH 44107

Your AutoPay account may be changed at any time by submitting a new form with the new information.

Your payment pull date can be any day from the due date of the loan to seven (7) days after the due date. For example, a loan that has a due date of the 1st may select a payment pull date ranging from the first of the month to the seventh of the month (1st through 7th).

AutoPay takes approximately 30 days to set up. Please continue to make your regular monthly payments as scheduled until First Federal Lakewood notifies you in writing that your AutoPay account is active. Funds should be in the account two (2) full days prior to your selected pull date to avoid overdrafts and insufficient funds charges. An insufficient funds charge (NSF charge) may be assessed to your loan in the event funds are not available to make the payment.

Federal regulations require us to mail a monthly paper statement, even if you are an AutoPay customer. Please be assured your payment will be processed as usual. Click here to learn more about our eStatements.

If you decide to cancel your AutoPay account, please notify us in writing five (5) business days prior to your scheduled pull date.
First Federal Lakewood
Loan Service Department
14806 Detroit Ave
Lakewood OH, 44107

AutoPay Application

Complete the AutoPay Application and submit to to enroll today!

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