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Keep your nest egg secure – with liquidity and interest.

Savings Account Comparision

Select Money Market AccountPassbook Savings AccountStatement Savings AccountBetter Than a T-Bill AccountChristmas Club Account
Minimum Opening AmountSelect Money Market Account$10,000.00Passbook Savings Account$10.00Statement Savings Account$10.00Better Than a T-Bill Account$10,000.00Christmas Club Account$1.00
Monthly Service Charge*Select Money Market Account$10.00Passbook Savings Account$1.00Statement Savings Account$1.00Better Than a T-Bill Account$10.00Christmas Club Accountn/a
Minimum Balance RequirementSelect Money Market Account$10,000.00Passbook Savings Account$200.00Statement Savings Account$200.00Better Than a T-Bill Account$10,000.00Christmas Club Accountn/a
Interest BearingSelect Money Market AccountYesPassbook Savings AccountYesStatement Savings AccountYesBetter Than a T-Bill AccountYesChristmas Club AccountYes
Apply OnlineSelect Money Market AccountYesPassbook Savings AccountNoStatement Savings AccountYesBetter Than a T-Bill AccountNoChristmas Club AccountNo

*Monthly Service Charge will be assessed if balance falls below the Minimum Balance Requirements anytime during the statement period.

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